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Road Runner Boat Trailers Custom Orders!

Manufacturer: Road Runners Trailers 

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Type : Boat trailers

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Road Runner Boat Trailer Bunk Galvanized Boat Trailer - CUSTOM ORDERS ONLY

Need a trailer for your boat? Call us, we will have it built to your boat's specifications. Road Runner - Boat Trailers built to last!! These Canadian-Built Trailers Offer the Strength of a Fully Welded Frame, the Durability of 100% Galvanized Steel, and a Transferable 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Tandem or Tri-Axle Design up to 34ft / 24,000lb Boats

Contact us and we will send you the forms we need to customize your boat trailer build. Factory build times will vary throughout the year.

Smarter Design, Enhanced Build

Road Runner boat trailers are stronger because, unlike our competitors, the framing is welded together, not bolted. This eliminates any worries about bolt breakage or trailer racking.

No-Risk of Rust, 100% Galvanized Finish

Each Road Runner trailer has a hot-stimulated finish. With this finish, the steel components are submerged in a 42-foot container creating the most effective protection against corrosion as the steel is metallurgically bonded to several layers of zinc-iron alloy and an outer layer of zinc. Unlike paint finishes, if small areas of this galvanized finish are damaged the zinc "sacrifices" itself by corroding slowly over decades, protecting the steel from rusting.


Spring Leaf Balance Tested and Proven

Unlike the Torsion Bar Suspension that some of our competitors are using, the Road Runner doesn't bounce when it is towed empty, so it not only costs less, but you don't have to replace the whole suspension system if repairs are needed. Also, the rubber inserts in the Torsion Bar system lose memory and strength when the loaded trailer sits for an extended period of time. The Road Runner does not.

Three Self-pivoting, Adjustable Hull Support Systems for Boat Trailers in British Columbia


The bunk support system is best for recreational use where people have access to a good launch and moderate tides. It will need to be backed further into the water for the boat to float off and on compared to roller support systems, but it offers excellent hull support and is economical.

Roller-Bunk Combination

The roller-bunk combination is a hybrid system that gives the trailer support on the back where it is most needed during transportation. With this system, the rollers are on front for a stress-free launch.


The roller system is strong and more durable than traditional rubber and is softer and more pliant than polyurethane. It is commonly used for launching in shallow ramps or for those who frequently deal with difficult launch situations. It has non-marking hull rollers that won't scratch or mark the hulls.


For information on our financing options, call us!

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