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About Us

Haul Your Equipment with a Spacious Trailer from Trailers Etc. In Savona

When we opened Trailers Etc., our mission was to help residents of Interior BC and Northern BC to solve their transport needs. Our team has over 24 years of experience working with trailers. Trailers Etc. owners Wendy and Norm sold their first enclosed trailer in 1991 to a fellow race car enthusiast and have been doing so ever since (selling trailers and drag racing their 1956 Chevys).


Wendy was best known in White Rock as the owner of The Enchanted Harvest Florist & Home Decorating Store, which she opened in 1994. Or you may know her from when she spent 5 years in Kamloops working in sales at Smith Chevrolet. She is also known for serenading over 100 audiences with O Canada at special events in the area. Her smile is contagious, and she loves sharing stories of her many adventures. When you visit Trailers Etc., you can look forward to a few laughs, as she and Norm have a 500 laugh a day quota—it is their secret to enjoying life! She will have you in stitches, as a casual conversation takes you down an experience of hard knocks. She not only shares stories but lessons that almost everyone can benefit from.


With Wendy’s small-town heart and years of customer service, it is easy to get to know her. She is friendly and approachable and genuinely wants to help you.


Norm heads up the service, management department and ensures you are in good hands with his extensive experience in RV and trailer repairs.

At the Heart of Our Business

Our trailers can be used in a variety of settings including moving, hauling, or even as a storage unit. You’ll be happy to know that we can custom build your trailer to include a bathroom, light and electrical fixtures.


Consider the purpose of your new trailer and start mapping out the features that will be most beneficial to you. We will work within your budget to get you the solution you need. A new trailer can be yours with as little as 10% down towards the balance on or prior to pick up. Your trailer will be ready before you know it!


Use your new custom-built trailer like a recreational vehicle (RV) to make your next road trip more enjoyable.

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