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Canada Proof 180W Portable Solar Panels

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Parts: On sale

Our Price $499.00


This high-efficiency portable solar panel is the perfect charger for weekend warriors, serious campers and RVers. The folding panel has an adjustable stand leg and plastic protection on the corners. It comes with a well-integrated 15A digital controller, featuring an LCD and LED display. A 5 m cable, battery clamps, 7-pin trailer plug adapter and a carrying case are included.


Folds for easy transport and storage. Stand leg adjusts angle to get the most out of the panel. Plastic protection on corners of panel ensure safety when set up at the campsite. Well-integrated 15A digital controller allows you to simply plug and play with your DC power cord. The 5 m cable allows you to set up in the best position to the sun. Includes battery clamps, 7-pin trailer plug adapter and a carrying case.


  • Charges 12V lead-acid batteries directly from the sun

  • Weight - 39lbs

  • Battery Type - Flooded/AGM/gel/lithium

  • Size - Folded; 21.25L x 3.24W x 35.5H, Unfolded; 42.5L x 1.5W x 35.5H

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